Seth Sharp, vocalist

Seth started performing at the age of 3 and began singing in clubs, talent shows, political events and social gatherings around the age of 10.  Seth was surrounded by music growing up in Hartford.  His mother often took him to live jazz concerts in Hartford's Bushnell park and several of Seth's relatives played and composed classical music and rock.

Seth's cousin, the guitar legend, Tony Macalpine, lived with Seth's family for a period of time, while Tony studied music at Hartt School of Music, where Seth eventually took singing lessons in classical music.  When Frances (Seth's mother) heard Seth sing, "And I Am Telling You" she urged him to sing for her friends - thus Seth's singing career began.

Seth went to Yale University and joined a jazz a cappella singing group, which toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe.  In his senior year of Yale, Seth joined the world-renowned, Yale Whiffenpoofs, an a cappella singing group which yale graduate, Cole Porter, was a member of in the early 1900s. Seth traveled extensively with the group and sang "The Christmas Song" for President Clinton and his family at a White House Christmas party and also sang for Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India. With the group, Seth performed at the BBC Jazz club in London and in many prestigious venues throughout the world.

Seth moved to New York City, upon graduation from Yale, and continued his career as an actor/singer and also started directing professionally. Seth performed at various clubs throughout New York City and did regional theater throughout the United States.

After a period of living in New York City, Seth moved to Reykjavik, Iceland.  Seth's first years in Iceland, entailed extensive travel between Iceland and the United States because of various performances in the two countries. Seth co-starred in 40 performances at New York's Carnegie Hall, and was the featured performer at the Juneteenth Celebration at Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum.

Seth began working on more original material, while in Iceland and collaborated with Icelandic musicians. The first original song Seth released, "Every Sunday" is on the Sole Music dance label, from the United Kingdom. "Every Sunday" was a collaboration between Seth and Icelandic DJ and house music producer, Tommy White. Seth wrote the lyrics to "Every Sunday" in honor of his great friend, Rose, whose wisdom Seth relied upon. "Every Sunday" is also an anthem to finding spirituality in one's life and following one's own path in life.

Seth started a band in Iceland called, "Black Clock". Black Clock began as a Prince cover band and performed in Reykjavik to packed-houses in one of downtown Reykjavik's largest live-music venues. The members of Black Clock changed several times over the course of two years. Seth settled upon a band consisting of a self-trained blues pianist, a classical cellist and a drummer. 

The band recorded an album of cover songs (including an old Icelandic folk song, called "Móðir mín í kví kvi", about the ghost of a baby who was killed by its mother who comes back to the mother to offer comfort). This album, "A Song For You" was released on in 2006 and sold in the record store, "12 Tonar" in Iceland. Shortly after it's appearance on cdbaby, the album became available on I-tunes, and many other online retailers.

"A Song For You" is a collection of jazz, pop and dance songs and the title track, "A Song For You" was written by Leon Russell and covered by Donny Hathaway. Donny Hathaway was one of Seth's biggest musical influences, although Seth discovered Hathaway's musical oeuvre after Donnie Hathaway had died. Seth was also greatly influenced by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and jazz singer, Blossom Dearie.

Seth traveled to Africa, on behalf of the US State Department, in 2007. He and the pianist from "Black Clock" did a 4-country tour of Africa, performing in theaters, embassies, schools, concerts halls, clubs, on television, on radio stations and in festivals. Seth performed at the inaugural jazz festival in Brazzaville, Congo and was asked to return to Brazzaville by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Congo. 

Seth returned to Africa in the fall of 2007, with the entire band (minus the drummer, plus a guitar player). Seth and the band, performed at FESPAM, the largest music festival in Africa. Their performance was attended by almost 20,000, where the audience continued singing Seth's original song, "Brazzaville", after Seth and the band had left the stage. Brazzaville was a collaboration between Seth and the piano player from Black Clock and is an ode to the city of Brazzaville.

Seth's next single, "Happiness is Taking Over" was a collaboration between Seth and dutch producer/dj, D-Reflection. Seth wrote the lyrics for this song while in a bad mood and trying to figure out a way to cheer himself up. Seth wanted to listen to a song that would encourage him to find happiness but couldn't find a song in his Ipod that encouraged him to do so without adhering to a particular religious dogma or without finding happiness from external sources. So he wrote the lyrics to this song so that he would always have a song in his ipod to cheer himself up that encouraged him to seek happiness from within.

"Happiness is Taking Over" was released on the Adaptation dance music label from the UK. The song had done very well and was listed in the top 10 list of world-renowned DJ Roger Sanchez on The song also stayed in the top 10 on clickgroove for several weeks. Both "Happiness is Taking Over" and "Every Sunday" received critical praise from many top dance music DJs from around the world. Seth's vocal abilities have been compared to house music giants Arnold Jarvis and Robert Owens.

Seth Sharp was asked to compete for Iceland's "Songvakeppni Sjónvarpsins" on behalf of Icelandic composer, Magnús Þór Sigmundsson. Seth was a part of a trio that sang a song called, 'Lullaby to Peace", which was originally selected for the finals of the competition, which decides what song will represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Magnús asked Seth to sing a second song called, "Johnny" in the competition and Seth also performed a third song for Svala Björgvinsdóttir of the band, Steed Lord. All three of the songs Seth sang were released on a compilation CD along with the other songs from the competition.  In 2008, Icelandic songwriter, Óskar Páll Sveinsson asked Seth to perform the song, "Family" in Iceland's pre-Eurovision contest. Óskar's song, "Is it True" won that competition and achieved 2nd place in the Eurovision song contest.

After the Icelandic competition, Seth was asked to travel to Latvia, where he represented Iceland in the Balticness concert, which was a collection of the 11 members of the council of Baltic States. Seth performed, "Móðir mín í kví kví" at the Riga Opera House for the prime ministers of several European countries.

Seth traveled to Bosnia & Herzegovina, in February 2010, to perform excerpts from the opera, "Porgy and Bess" on behalf of the US Embassy in Sarajevo. Seth traveled performed throughout the country and gave several master classes.

Seth sings and DJs in Reykjavik and in New York and continues to write and perform original material.  He has composed and released over thirty tracks which can be found on various online retail sites including: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & Bandcamp.

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