DJ Seth Sharp

My interest in chopping up sounds began at an early age.  Using limited equipment, I made mixtapes and mash-ups, until I got my hands on real DJ equipment. At 13 years old, I started DJing on the radio station, WQTQ, in Hartford, Connecticut.  I played on that station throughout high school and into college.  

When I moved to Iceland, I began producing tracks and DJing at clubs.  I have since gone on tours in France, played at Webster Hall in New York City and I have played in many clubs throughout Iceland.  My tracks are played on dance floors and podcasts and radio shows throughout the world.  I have collaborated with many talented and successful vocalists and producers.  My tunes can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Bandcamp & where ever electronic music is sold online.  Please take a look around the site. Click PLAY. Download. Share and most importantly, don't forget to dance!

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